Why you should. #ChallengeYourWorkplace?

by Jilo Katter

by Jilo Katter

With the dust seemingly settling on the tidal wave of Black Lives Matter protests and calls for policy changes in the UK, my question has always been what next?

Unlike our American counterparts, the protests in the UK do not present the very real threat to life from colour-skewed police brutality.

Apart from possibly being trampled by a police horse, the most you will encounter may be a papercut from holding your placard for so long.

Again I ask what is next?

Some organisations took part in #BlackTuesday, some sent out tick-box statements of support for the Black Lives Matter matter, some created focus groups to support their black employees.

But how many have made real policy changes and practices WITHIN their organisations to squash the ugly head of racial discrimination black employees face on a daily basis?

Kudos to those that have done such – please @this_is_jilo on Instagram and let me know who they are!

Unfortunately, it really is not in their interest to do so much is the veil of institutional racism in the UK.

However, if you are exchanging your time, talent and intellect to serve ANY organisation, that value AUTOMATICALLY makes it a priority interest.

After all, the salary you receive is in exchange of the aforementioned qualities (and more) not abuse via stereotypes of music or sports entertainers you ‘look like’ or micro-aggressions accusing you of being ‘aggressive’ or ‘intimidating’ when you are simply expressing your point.

Or am I mistaken?

When reflecting on occasions where you’ve faced such discrimination, (which I’m sure has happened on more than one occasion), apart from chanting ‘woo-saah’ in your mind becasue workplace violence is frowned upon, did a colleague or anybody else speak up for you or was there a silence?

THAT is the real workplace violence.

THAT is the reason why you should #challengeyourworkplace.

Unless of course you have no issue with the above.

That is why I created the #ChallengeYourWorkplace template.

A template letter encouraging all those wanting to be a voice of change within their area of influence to challenge their workplace to update their diversity and inclusion training with mandatory training on racial discrimination and matters pertaining to the black employee in the workplace, including how to be an ally within the workplace and beyond.

The real riot against racial discrimination begins by using our voices to challenge our places of influence.

The real riot against ignorance is education.

Are you going to #challengeyourworkplace?

If you are inspired please download the Challenge your workplace template below.

Jilo Katter is a friend of Jesus, Global Co-ordinator and Authentic Voice Coach who teaches on how overcoming heart issues releases your authentic voice to live your best life!

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